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As I feel I have already mentioned, I LOVE GIRLS. Not actual girls. The show Girls on HBO. It’s raw, real, and ridiculous. Which is basically the story of mine and every other girl’s life. It’s weird though because I don’t find myself relating specifically to one character but there are certain things about each character that I, and I think every girl, can resonate with. Lena Dunham (writer, director, actor) is basically my idol. She’s super fearless. She’ll get naked. She’ll embarrass herself. She’ll do drugs. She’ll do/be/say pretty much anything. And she makes herself do all of this (she’s her own boss)!

Last night’s episode was really great. I cracked up so much when Hannah was trying to be all domestic. She thinks she’s so grown up because she’s cooking pad thai for her friends, with ingredients she bought with her Domestic Hannahhard-earned money. It’s so funny because it’s so true. If I had a dinner party and successfully crafted a meal for my friends, I’d be like, “I made this. I did a good job.” just like she is. Any girl would do that.

Ah last night’s episode was just so good. I loved the ending. You get to see real emotion from Jessa, which is really rare for her. Plus Hannah’s rendition of Oasis’ “Wonderwall” via her bathtub got that song stuck in my head for a couple of hours. The ending reminded me of the first season’s “All Adventurous Women Do” episode where Hannah and Marnie end up dancing to “Dancing on My Own” by Robyn (which is now my jam). Basically all the ILOVEITsongs from Girls are my jams. When Hannah and Elijah do coke and sweaty dance in the club was the moment I fell in love with Icona Pop. So. Good.

I honestly wish my friends watched this show otherwise I probably wouldn’t be writing a post about it… I actually don’t know why my friends don’t watch this show. Maybe they have lives or whatever. But you know what? Even if I did have a life, I would still watch and obsess over Girls. It is THAT good! SO FRIENDS, PLEASE WATCH THIS SHOW.

Quickly, I would like to mention that today is the first day of the Canadian penny being “phased out” of our currency system. I had to pay $3.30 at Dollarama instead of the actual $3.28 total… Kind of a letdown. I plan to keep all my pennies, or give them to hobos, both with the hope that they will someday be worth more than a penny. Maybe hobos would have something to look forward to.

I also want to mention that today is World Cancer Day. I like to think that I do a lot for cancer (I really don’t but I do help raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society) so I want to do a little bit more today. The website for World Cancer Day offers a lot of information about cancer, such as myth v. fact type stuff. It’s pretty great. I don’t want to talk about it because I want you to donate money, which would be great, but that’s not realistic. Just be aware. Learn about it. Learn what you can do in the fight against cancer. Here’s the link: http://www.worldcancerday.org/ ENJOY!

“I don’t want to freak you out, but I think I maybe the voice of my generation. Well at least a voice of a generation.” – Hannah Horvath 




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