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Theme Tuesdays

Tuesdays, in my opinion, are the worst day of the week. Screw Mondays getting everybody down! I still have weekend momentum on Monday. Tuesdays are when shit slows down and you want to die a little.

Sooooo I’m making Tuesdays all about YOU. Yes, my readers. If I have any. I started this blog for the sole purpose of bettering and challenging myself but I feel as though I can sacrifice one day a week and dedicate it to the readers of this ridiculously terrific blog. I want to cheer you up, maybe make your Tuesdays go by faster. Or, if you’re still a Monday-hater, give you something to look forward to after getting through your crappy Monday.

Every Tuesday I’m going to sit down on my floor with some tea and some ideas and write a post… WITH A THEME. Some of these themes will be informative. Some will be recurring, if I like them and if you like them. Most of them will be corny as hell and you’re just going to have to deal with it.

Today’s theme is ON TREND TUESDAY!!!!

On Trend Tuesday will discover all you need to know about keeping your wardrobe choices up to date with the fashion world. I’m not saying you need to rebuild your wardrobe every season (although that’s a dream for most ladies) and I’m not saying you need to wear what’s on the runway. Those are both ridiculous and expensive, which does not bode well for me. I just want to spread my knowledge and love of fashion done correctly. Note that if you come here thinking that fashion is a Hollister/American Eagle/Abercrombie/Aeropostale/whatever logo tee with a mini skirt, leggings, and your favourite pair of UGGs (sparkly fucking pink or regular shit brown)… You’ve come to the wrong place. Definitely. The. Wrong. Place. But maybe I can teach you what real style is! If there are three clothing items in this world that I wish I could banish, they would be UGGs, Juicy Couture sweatsuits, and Crocs. Any colour, material, size, whatever. I don’t care if Justin freaking Bieber bought the Crocs himself. Don’t. Just don’t. Thank you.


Right now the world’s biggest fashion show extravaganza is happening: New York Fashion Week. All of the “it” designers are there setting the trends for Fall 2013. And you can bet your ass I’m gearing up for my favourite season (I loooooooove fall). But right now, I want to talk Spring! It’s happening soon. And I want you to be ready.

There are a number of trends emerging from the runway that make me very excited to get my hands on spring collections.

Valentino black and white


Jason Wu black and white

Jason Wu

Black and white contrasts-  Designers like Jason Wu and Marc Jacobs decided to change it up from the usual pastel colours of spring (that generally make me want to vom) and give us a little drama with sleek black and white ensembles. Black and white looks are so versatile: from day to night, office to coffee shop, spring to fall, curvy to small. It works.

Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani

Christian Dior

Christian Dior

The power suit- They come in all black, hot pink, sexed up, and even in shorts! I don’t know what it is about spring that screams power suit but Christian Dior, Balmain, Victoria Beckham, et al went for it. And I’m digging it. I am going to be a working girl this spring so I DEFINITELY won’t mind a few more options to spice up a usually boring suit.

Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler



Floral prints- Maybe it’s the hipster in me that tends to gravitate towards grandma-chic pieces but this spring’s florals are more graphic and edgy than grandma. Plus it just makes sense to wear flowers in spring, amiright?

Jeffrey Campbell

Jeffrey Campbell

Chunky block heels- Whether they’re 5 inches or 1 inch off the ground, heels are chunky this spring. Check out Chloe’s strappy bronze sandals or Dolce & Gabbana’s golden floral basically flats and you’ll figure it out for yourself! I’m excited to pull on my Jeffrey Campbell Rumble Boots once the snow melts away.

I’m a girl on a budget (although I’d surely swap a meal for some clothes), which means I love when trends return for another season.

Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier

Leather- Leather was HUGE in the fall. We had leather pants, skirts, shirts, and of course the leather jacket. You’ll be able to hold onto all your leather goods for spring as long as you can make them “2013.” Designers like Monique Lhuillier and Proenza Schouler created some more minimalistic pieces that are rich in colour in contrast to past trends such as vintage leather pieces like your dad’s bulky leather bomber. I am personally looking forward to wearing my H&M leather skater skirts in both black and light pink this season. Leather is my favourite 🙂

Jeffrey Campbell

Jeffrey Campbell

Pointy-toe heels with ankle straps- I’ve always felt that pointy-toe heels (I’m sorry if there’s an actual name for these but I don’t know my shoe terminology well) seemed a little “older, successful business woman”-ish. But last fall proved me wrong with the ankle strap addition. Just look at Jeffrey Campbell’s Solitaire heel and tell me you don’t want to be best friends with the girl that is kicking ass in those shoes. I dare ya! These shoes will be kicking ass for a whole ‘nother season too!


Rihanna in ACNE Menswear

Rihanna in ACNE Menswear

Head-to-toe stripes- They are going to be big this spring. And every which way. When done well, stripes are great, they’re edgy, they’re different. (Take Rihanna back in November, rocking menswear, that’s right, MENSWEAR!) But most people (aka anyone who isn’t a popstar with a bikini body and bad girl attitude) can’t pull them off. And I’m basically scared that everyone that shouldn’t do stripes, is going to do stripes.



Bermuda shorts- A model with a stick straight figure can certainly wear them. But I find that bermuda shorts on me, a short chubby girl, is not a good fit. I would have no legs. But I do love these denim DKNY bermudas.

Remember that fashion is ever-changing and, if anything, subjective. When I write about fashion, I am have in mind my own personal aesthetic. But my style may not be your style. And that’s totally okay! The most badass thing about style is that it’s yours. You get to wear what you want, make it your own, all while still having the chance to change your opinion if you don’t feel the way you want to.

Tuesdays suck… until now! 

(I’m sorry the images are small! Please click to enlarge because you definitely want to check out the detail. The only reason Rih-Rih’s picture is bigger is because that girl is ballsy and deserves some more attention)



3 thoughts on “Theme Tuesdays

  1. I love how Rihanna is in Menswear. Like it’s a brand, not an entirely other side of fashion. Awesome blog post! Made me laugh!

    Posted by Katie | February 12, 2013, 11:57 pm

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