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Theme Tuesdays #3

Well, as you can tell, it’s Wednesday. I would have conjured this up yesterday but I just wasn’t feeling it yesterday. Actually, I haven’t been feeling “it” for the past few days. I don’t know what it was. But it was something that even Theme Tuesday couldn’t fix. So, because of my blues, you all have had to suffer through your Tuesday. I’M SO SORRY. To make it up to you, I’m still going to post a Theme Tuesday entry. (I’m still sorry)

Today’s theme is TOPICAL TUESDAY!!

I’m not going to lie… news can be boring. Especially when it’s about people you’ve never heard of making decisions for a country that can basically be Neverland. If you don’t feel the same, maybe you’re more informed than I am. That’s okay. But that means you’re probably going to laugh at Topical Tuesday…

goatI am NOT going to talk to you about issues. I am NOT going to talk to you about finances. Well… maybe one day I will. But right now, I intend for Topical Tuesdays to be less serious. The news I like to come across is mostly the weird news that generally tends to have no specific significance in anyone’s life. I know. It seems silly. But I’d much rather read news about someone riding a goat across Canada than about wars and people dying.


titanic replicatitanic 2So I went on Facebook yesterday and the first thing I noticed on my News Feed was a post about the Titanic. No, not the movie (but I ❤ you Leo). The boat. Yeah, the big thing that sunk back in 1912 and killed a lot of people. APPARENTLY some billionaire thinks it’s a good idea to recreate the whole thing. Titanic II.

What’s even more wacky is that some people are willing to pay over $1 million to be on its maiden voyage. I know the times have changed… we know how to spot icebergs and shit now… but that’s almost 2000 sunken souls that are screaming “ARE YOU FREAKING NUTS?!” I feel, if given the chance, I would go on the Titanic… as a docked museum. I wouldn’t take the thing from England to New York. Nope. That’s not a risk I would want to take. The billionaire behind all this claims that the Titanic was the “ship of dreams.” Yeah buddy, sinking dreams! Titanic II the ship sounds worse than Titanic II the movie!

leo titanic

Save money on the ship, just bring back Leo. *drool*


a-long-time-agoHave you ever watched Star Wars and thought, “Hey, it’d be bad ass to be a Jedi?” Who am I kidding? OF COURSE YOU HAVE. Jedis are awesome. Well now, if you’re cool for settling to fight the Dark Side of the Force in this galaxy (and not one far, far away), you can head on over to San Francisco and train from a Jedi Master (some dude who is a martial artist and probably watches the series everyday).

LukeskywalkerFor realsies though… you can go to this guy’s class who apparently dresses up like Luke Skywalker and he’ll teach you the ways of the Force. The technique is definitely major but I’m betting his Padawans leave class with a few catch phrases and the location of some good Star Wars costume shops. And even better, the class is cheap as hell! Three hours of lightsaber duelling only costs $10! If I lived in San Fran, I’d be there everyday. No kidding.

darth vaderAnd apparently, there’s no discrimination towards the Dark Side. You may show up as Anakin Skywalker but leave as Darth Vader. So bad ass. My only wonder is if it’s BYOL (bring your own lightsaber)… because I don’t have one. Real talk though… WHY DON’T I?!

That is all the odd news I’ve come across in the last couple of days. I would go search for more but I’m so distracted by the idea that I can own a real lightsaber so I need to go right now.

Tuesdays suck… until now!

(Also, sorry again)



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