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Theme Tuesdays #4

It’s Tuesday. You’ve been waiting a whole week for this post, I just know it. So here it is!

Today’s theme is … TIPS ON TUESDAY!!!!

I agree that it doesn’t sound as cool as other Tuesdays but I promise it is just as important (which may not be important at all)…

I want to offer you some life advice. You’re probably wondering why the hell you would want life tips from me. And you are certainly justified in that. But I do feel that I have some wisdom to share. I have made enough mistakes in my life to figure out where I went wrong and how I can right those wrongs or recalculate like a GPS as one my readers so-fittingly put it.

There are, however, things that I will NEVER give advice on: plumbing, cars, building things, astrophysics, which horse to bet on, etc. I have no usable knowledge on any of those categories, except that whole “lefty loosey, righty tighty” rule for screwdrivers. I know that. But now you know that. So we’re all good.

As you may recall, my life is quite derailed in the sense that it seems to be heading nowhere. Yes, I’m in university- have been for four years now- so I should be able to find an average paying job when I complete my degree but it can’t grant me the life purpose I am searching for.

My advice for you: take your time!

High school students definitely feel the pressure to go into post-secondary. For most, it turns out great but sometimes it’s just not for everyone. For me, there was no hesitation. I was going to university. I was getting the hell out of the small town. I had wanted to go to McGill University in Quebec but I didn’t end up applying. I only applied to one school: The University of Alberta. I had already received money from the U  of A based on my high school grades and it was close enough to home so I made it my school.

I am really happy I chose the U of A. I have met some amazing people- some of my best friends- here and have done some great things here. The classes are great, the professors are great, the atmosphere is great. But somewhere along the way, I stopped becoming great. It’s not the school. It’s all me.

I am a History Major. And my minor has changed from Linguistics to Film Studies to Political Science. I like what I have studied so far. I really do. But I’m just not committed to my studies. I have finally accepted the fact that I need to rethink my game plan. That maybe History isn’t my thing.

I wish I would have had the chance to learn about different career paths before I made the decision to come to university. I came from a small school and wasn’t offered a lot of information about jobs. I basically knew you could be a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, a tradesperson, and other “regular” jobs. But there are so many other jobs out there that I still don’t know about! I mean, I remember wanting to be a choreographer, film director, teacher, and lawyer but that’s as complex as it got. I wish there would have been someone telling me what I could do based on what I am good at and interested in. Or at least giving me options. I know it’s not that easy though.

I would never say that I want to take back my years at university (at least not the early ones). But I wish I would have done my homework! I don’t even remember what made me choose to study History, which means it was probably a not-so-thought-through decision. Now I am stuck worrying that I didn’t make the right decision four years ago. I don’t feel as prepared for the real world as I planned I would be. Maybe I was set out for technical school- to work on big concert productions or to be behind the camera. Maybe I wasn’t set out for school at all.

Now… a few years later than I’d hoped, I’m going to give myself time to figure this out. I hope.

I am planning on working this summer and through the fall into 2014, with minor lapses of fun in Europe, Vancouver, and hopefully a few more new destinations. By then, I will have made my decision. If not, hopefully I’ll have my head on straight enough to get my grades back up and to graduate happy. And prepared.

For you, reader, I want the best. I don’t want you to have to compromise your dreams or happiness based on someone else’s expectations. Let’s kick the stigma of not getting a post-secondary education or taking time off from it. You don’t HAVE to go to university/college/trades school/whatever to have the life you want for yourself.

I want to make it clear though that I think university is such a great experience. I have definitely grown up since coming to university. But it’s not for everyone. You can grow up elsewhere: abroad, at work, or at home. And you always have time to go to school. You don’t always have time to be young and do solely what you want to do. If you know how to achieve your dream, then go out and do it. Most importantly, take the time to think about your choices regarding your future. You don’t want to end up very much in debt after four years into a degree that you may or may not want.

Maybe by 2014, I will have seen new parts of the world, experienced new emotions, discovered new paths. Maybe I’ll have started my own photography business. Or have applied to McGill University. Or have become a tour guide in Italy. Or have decided that the U of A is where I belong.

Hopefully, I will be less broke, less derailed, and more happy. 

Tuesdays suck… until now!



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