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Theme Tuesdays #6

I apologise for this being a little late! I’ve been getting all caught up in today and the fact that I actually have money. It’s been good. But right now it’s time for you!

Today’s theme is … MAD TUNES TUESDAY!!!!

I like music. Hopefully you do too. Here are some of my current music obsessions…

Anyone who knows me well should know that I love Justin Timberlake. So you probably can understand that I’m going crazy right now. Justin Timberlake has been everywhere since this year’s Grammy’s. I AM TOTALLY OKAY WITH THIS. He’s in Budweiser commercials, Target commercials, on SNL, on Jimmy Fallon (for Justin “Timberweek”), and he’s even doing a performance special Party with Justin Timberlake, which I just finished watching. It’s all marketing, for sure. Do I care? MOST CERTAINLY NOT.


It’s been a solid six years since I’ve had my musical JT fix. His small comical career with Andy Samberg’s Lonely Island kept me distracted- I love both of them- but I knew it wouldn’t satisfy me forever. “FutureSex/LoveSounds” was MY album though. I worked out to that shit (for real, this was back when I worked out)! It was also the last CD I ever purchased.

Maybe it’s the little, boy-band loving girl in me that attracts me to Justin Timberlake but honestly… the guy is a freaking god. He’s gotten past that perm, those shiny/plasticy/pleathery *NSYNC ensembles, and those coordinated bf/gf red carpet outfits.

jt hair26th Annual American Music Awardsjt britney denim

AND NOW HE IS SEXY. So sexy. He has style- special shout out to Tom Ford and his suits! He can dance like a motherfucker (and I love a man who can dance). He’s not like Justin Bieber who throws in a couple of dance moves to increase his sex appeal. Justin Timberlake can REALLY dance. Like a dancer… if that makes sense. His falsetto incurs orgasms… so I hear… He is funny, as his 5-time host status on SNL proves. Plus he’s probably worth a lot of money… That’s always nice. My only problem with him: his wife. That bitch. This bitch.

Justin Jessica

Whatever. I know we’re meant to be. Let’s get back to the music.

His new album “The 20/20 Experience” has teased us for the past couple of weeks. “Suit and Tie” was the first single and then he came out with “Mirrors.” I find myself listening to “Mirrors” more often than “Suit and Tie” and it’s definitely more boy-bandish with the lyrics. Correct me if I’m wrong but it has to be about Jessica Biel, how he cheated on her and then she took him back “once [he] figured it out.” Plus he says that she’s the love of his life. Unless it’s about me? The music video for this song premiered tonight on his special. I am slightly bummed because JT wasn’t in the video until the third verse. But he danced for me, goddamn did he dance, therefore I am content.

2020 JTI have a freshly downloaded version of the album, released TODAY. I am so stoked to listen to it the whole way through. I ALMOST bought a hard copy tonight but I figured I should keep up with the 21st century and whatnot and keep my entire music collection on my laptop. I bought it on iTunes, which now has a feature that allows you to have this “experience” of listening to the album. If you press “Play iTunes LP” it will bring you to a menu and shit. It’s kind of fancy. I like it. Maybe it’s only for this album? Maybe it’s only for those who purchase the deluxe version? Either way, I’m happy.

I like that JT brought in Timbaland again. I mean, it worked for him before, so why wouldn’t it work again? Almost every song is more than 5 minutes, which means more JT! I also love the whole “old-timey” feel he’s bringing. His style, with the slicked hair, loafers, suits all day, everyday. And his music is changed. It’s more soul-y, jazzy, more feely. I like it. It’s music that makes you want to say “MMMMMHMMMM CHIIILLD” (with a slight pronunciation of the “d”). And then slide across the floor on your knees and snap your fingers and smooth dance all through the night. “Let the Groove Get In” embodies some of his older lyrics with an upbeat latin tempo. When he performed it on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’s Timberweek, I wanted to be onstage with him and all the musicians because they looked like they were having so much fun. One thing about JT, something that a lot of other artists don’t share, is that you can tell he’s doing something he STILL loves. He shows it. But he also doesn’t take himself too seriously. Someone who can sing a song about putting your penis in a box as a present can’t take themselves too seriously. Which is great.


I haven’t finished listening to the rest of the album so I am going to end the post with another image of the treat that is Justin Timberlake… and some (maybe not-so) exclusive news! JT announced at the end of his special that the album that was released today is only THE FIRST HALF! OH FUCK. #cantwait


Tuesdays suck… until now!


JT & b

Oh, P.S. If any of my dedicated readers feels the need to purchase tickets to JT’s show at BC Place in Vancouver on July 31 for me to be reunited with my lover, then I would be forever indebted to you (meaning I could get you an autograph or some shit).




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