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No, I don’t mean “You Only Live Once” … if that’s what I were going for, I’d say, “Carpe diem” because that’s Latin and I like Latin. You’d never catch me saying “YOLO.” It’s embarrassing. People who say it need to get a life. And please don’t go all over Twitter hashtagging #yoloswag. Just no.

No, I mean “You Only Live Online.” And for me, it’s pretty real.


I barely have a life offline. In my defence, you can do a lot of shit on the interwebs. I mean, I have homework online, I can learn online, I can read the news online, I can play games online, I can talk to friends online, I can creep people online, I can even pour my heart out online. There’s not much that you cannot do online. And that’s probably why my life is boring.  

BUT… in a mere seventeen days, my life will be lived OFFLINE. I will be in Greece. I will be floating along the Aegean, eating calamari on the patio of a whitewashed cube-shaped cafe, drinking ouzo on the top deck of a cruise ship, and riding donkeys up cobble-stoned streets. I’ll be living all of my dreams I’ve had since watching The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Especially my dreams about Kostos. #swoon


So be jealous. At least, I kind of hope you’re jealous because that would make my life somewhat interesting. For real though, I am so stoked. I have to write three finals in the next couple of weeks and then I fly off to Europe. I get to meet new people, see new places, and try new things. And for a little while, my life will be great. And offline.


Come on… that has to make you jealous!

Despite my hatred towards the term “YOLO,” I certainly plan to “seize the day” on this trip 😀

I plan to chronicle all my Greek adventures (and misadventures) in my journal so I can update you when I find a viable internet connection!

For now, I have to focus on finals and school and summer job interviews. Here’s hoping the next seventeen days go by fast.




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