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Student, Theme Tuesday

A [Temporary] Proposition

You may have noticed that Tuesday has come and gone this week, yet you haven’t been graced with Theme Tuesday’s presence. Y DAT U ASK?

I’m sorry to say that I forgot. I did. To be real, I was studying. And next Tuesday, I will be studying as well. And the Tuesday after that I will be writing an exam. And the Tuesday after that I will be in Greece, bitches.

Thus, I propose that Theme Tuesday needs a break. BUT FEAR NOT, I’m not taking it away completely, I’ll give you Theme Thursday for this week and the next. I can’t promise anything while I’m in Greece because well, I’ll be in Greece. Once May rolls around, I shall reinstate Theme Tuesdays. All in favour say, “Aye!” Okay, no. You don’t get a say.

Also, in case you didn’t catch that, I AM GOING TO GREECE. IN TWO WEEKS. 

TC 333

This is a photo of the Erechtheum at Acropolis in Athens from my first trip to Greece.





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