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Theme Thursdays #1

Okay, you know how I told you that I would give you Theme Thursdays? Yeah, well I forgot. You’ve probably noticed that it is not Thursday but Friday… I’m not sure how well this new day is going to go. BUT no one has sent me angry messages in response to my forgetfulness so that means you all have lives and don’t care. Either way, you’re getting your Theme Thursday TODAY.

Today’s theme is … TRUE STORY THURSDAY!!!!

You know what this is all about. You’ve seen it before. This is the most direct way for you to get to know me a little better.

1. I REALLY want to be ambidextrous. Also, I think it’s a feat in its own to spell “ambidextrous.” Being ambidextrous means that you are right- and left-hand abled. Aka you can do things with your right and left hand with similar ease and quality. I am right-handed. It is basically useless for me to attempt to defy this. When I was in high school, I was bored. I was also a fast writer (and still am). So I would write all my notes with my left hand. No kidding. I thought that the more I wrote, the more skilled and faster I would be at using my left hand. I can read my left-handed notes and sometimes my writing is neater with my left hand than my right but it’s so much more difficult. I also started playing Rock Band with my left hand after I almost beat the game with my right (could anyone beat “Green Grass and High Tides?!”). I eventually beat some songs on hard and could probably beat “Say It Ain’t So” by Weezer on expert because I know that song backwards and forwards. I also use a computer mouse with my left hand (only so I can be on the phone with my right hand). But that is basically as far as I have progressed in my ambidextrous. I actually have no idea why I want to be ambidextrous but it’d be quite handy, I’m sure. Also, I’m not trying to be dirty with this left-handed/right-handedness. I SWEAR.

2. I used to make movies ALL THE TIME. I made them with my brother, my friends, whoever. They were pretty funny too. Some of my favourite movies were the ones I made with my friend Morgan. We’d always make her youngest sister be the star of them and Morgan would play the part of multiple characters. I’d usually stay behind the camera but sometimes I played Tommy the Camera Boy. I have no clue why my character was a boy that looked and dressed like a normal girl but that’s who I was. We had ideas for the movies but the script was improvised. Our friend Justine was usual the one we made fun of in our movies. We were pretty mean to her but I think she enjoyed it? I hope haha… I’m sorry if you didn’t! I also had to make movies for French class. A LOT of movies. The funniest movie was one modelled after the “Jerry Springer Show.” We called it “The Lafawnduh Show.” A heartthrob Roy Nellbig was between two babes, Pochahontas and a hooker whose name I can’t remember. He came on the show to face both girls and choose which one he wanted to be with. I forget how it ended but it was hilarious. Also, IT WAS ALL IN FRENCH. Horrible, Google translated French spoken by rural Albertan girls who have no use for French. Yeah. Imagine that. Laugh at that. ROFL at that. My semi-serious movie debut was when I documented my high school trip to Italy and Greece. All of my footage created a two-hour movie, like a goddamn feature film.

3. I had a Billie Joe Armstrong phase in grade 8 that I haven’t gotten over yet… It doesn’t matter how many times he’s been to rehab, he has my punk rock heart.

Billie Joe




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