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Peace from Greece

I didn’t think I’d have time to blog from Greece but I have 38 minutes left of internet in this semi-sketchy internet cafe so I’d thought I’d update you all quickly. This is my third day in Athens and a beautiful third day of my vacation. I flew out on Wednesday and arrived Thursday night at 10:00pm which is 9 hours ahead of MST time. I’ve been shopping on Ermou Street, eating calamari in Monastiraki Square, soaking in the sun from Acropolis, and sweating EVERYWHERE. It’s so warm here. Like 30 degrees celsius. But it is a different kind of hot than in Canada. I can handle it a little bit better. My skin is definitely slathered in SPF 60 today because the heat from the top of Acropolis gave me a bit of a burn.

The Greeks have been so friendly to my friend and I. English is spoken everywhere we’ve been except for the internet cafe I am in right now. That’s been really handy but we have picked up on a few Greek words: parakalo, efkharisto, yassou, signomi and simple things like that. We have met two Kostos (a name we’ve learned is very popular in Greece). We also met some Canadians backpacking Greece. They’re from Ontario and are going on their trip after graduating from university.

Tonight we get to meet our tour members and have a fancy meal in the Plaka district, which is situated right below the Acropolis and is full of both tourism and rich history. Tomorrow we embark on our cruise. I can’t wait to start the next part of our trip, although I have to admit that it has been great to experience Athens on our terms. It definitely helps that I have been here before and that everyone is so helpful!

I feel like that is all I should say before going into too much detail and draining my internet time. So goodbye!

Peace from Greece,




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