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Theme Tuesdays #9

Well… I’m not sure you remember what day it is today… I barely did. But to be honest, today was an excellent Tuesday, a post-long weekend Tuesday full of momentous joy. Tomorrow, I fear will be a very horrible, slow day.

That being said, I want to get back into my rhythm of this new, exciting, blog-filled life I intend to live (which still requires me to unpack from Greece…) sooooo…

Today’s theme is… TRIP TUESDAY!!!


Here’s the deal. I’m not going to tell you all about my trip. I’ve told you before, we’d be sitting here for ages. INSTEAD, I’mma tell you a few things I’ve learned from my trip (mostly things about myself) which I think have really played into my whole new life view. (I’m sorry that sounded corny as hell but it’s the truth)

I make a lot of jokes about my insecurities and flaws this tends to make a lot of others perceivably awkward. But that’s how I deal with these types of things (aka my big butt-seriously you don’t know it ’til you’ve seen it, my pleasantly plumpness, my awkwardness, etc.) and that’s what makes me me, b.

People age 18-35 do not go on cruises… except when you go with a tour, like I did. But I swear, we were the only people that were “young” other than small children.

I don’t like being in photographs.

I get the sense that I am very friendly/outgoing/awkward but eventually I become hard to warm up to and create real relationships. I don’t think I make myself very “available” to many people to make it past being an acquaintance. That’s something I really want to work on.

I am a whiner. But I don’t like people who whine. 

Wine isn’t so bad.

It may be possible for me to tan! I have a white mark where my watch straps on and a dark-tinged, freckled forehead.

I don’t know how to accept compliments. 

I laugh loud when I’m tired. 

If there are uneven or slippery streets, I WILL fall. 

I can get upset very suddenly. The solution: alcohol or a sleep or a solid dance floor session.

Air conditioning in airplanes is what makes me greasy, not the fact that I have been in the same clothes and the same position for an extended period of time.

I can wake up if I need to. 

I tend to miss my cat. 

I now feel like I’m really good at accents. 

I have gotten so many winks that I’m fairly certain that I am a pro at giving and receiving them. (I’m talking about you creepy but very friendly Skybar bartender!)

Apparently I’m solid at basketball. HAHAHAHAHA

It’s weird how I can spend a memorable week with a number of people and yet know that I’m, sadly, not going to see most of them ever again.

Yet on the other hand, it’s amazing that I can meet someone and feel as though that person has changed my life a little bit. Not that I have met my soul mate or my best friend for life just that I have met someone who has had an effect on how I live my life. It gives me goosebumps.

People who just get up and travel and relocate and make last minute decisions make me so aware of how I am exactly the opposite. I know that those people get scared and they get anxious just like I would so the only true difference between them and me is that they do what they say they’re going to do. They don’t tell themselves that they will finally change but then bail on all of their plans like I do. They go. They do. No matter how scared they are. It makes me wonder whether I am meant to be like this. A chicken shit hermit. I really hope not.

I want to keep doing these kinds of trips. For the rest of my life. 


Mykonos Sunset

If you want to go out and change your life like I did, look into doing tours (I went with Contiki, there’s also G Adventures, and a whole bunch of others) or teaching/working abroad (for fresh Canadian graduates un- or underemployed). 

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask me 🙂



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#lastnight at the @metric and @julytalk show. pure happiness. ALSO, want to know how July Talk started their set? by acknowledging they were on treaty territory and by explaining what that means and how settlers need to unlearn and relearn our relationships with Indigenous Peoples. 🙌 the audience clapped for that. my heart clapped for that. I am not First Nations, Inuit, or Metis but as someone who is working to be a better ally, I felt the impact of that, more so than a canned 1-sentence land acknowledgment that I receive in a university classroom. to hear that in a public meeting space felt like a shift towards having the right discussions about settler colonialism outside of academia. once I heard that, my respect for July Talk deepened. they’re definitely not doing the most when it comes to understanding Indigenous issues (we could all do better) but they’re doing something with their platform. and they played a rad show. 👍 🦄
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yesterday was a good day. today is not. here is a squirrel. hope everyone out there is surviving this Monday. #monday
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history class field trip number 2: a walking tour of @oldstrathcona. grateful for being able to learn and practice history in public through my education and hopeful that I can pursue similar approaches in my career 😊 #publichistory #yeg
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