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Theme Tuesdays #13

Where to begin?

Oh, well I guess I can say I’m alive. I’m not sure whether any of you were wondering that but this is me confirming that I am, in fact, alive. FUCKING BUSY but alive.

But it’s Tuesday and I haven’t done this in a while so I thought I’d bring it back once more…

Today’s theme is … TIDBIT TUESDAY!!!

I actually have no clue what this will be like. Basically, I’m lazy, I can’t think of a theme, so I’m just going to give you “tidbits” of my life at the moment.


I have moved. I am currently on hiatus from school (doesn’t that make it sound more political than “taking a break” and all of the negative connotations attached to the phrase??). Do not get me wrong, I AM RETURNING TO SCHOOL, I am just not sure when. But right now, not being in school is the best thing I have going for myself. Currently, I am sitting in my childhood home, sipping blueberry tea (courtesy of a friend who understands my love of fruity tea) in a large cup that looks like it is straight from Central Perk (in Friends). Small town life is so different compared to city life. So far it’s been bearable but that’s because I planned it that way.



Try three. I have three jobs. This is how I keep myself busy and how I keep myself sane and how I pay my bills. It’s also how I gain weight because I work in an ice cream shop, a convenience store, and a grocery store. Buuuut I’m not complaining.


I have been driving my car, a standard, a lot and I’m basically a pro. Nah, that’s not true. But I haven’t stalled that thing in like forty days and that is something to announce to the world.


Like everybody else in the world, I’m blasting Lorde as much as I can. She’s an amazing little 17-year-old Aussie with a refreshing outlook on music and life. I’m also madly in love with Cold War Kids. I saw them at a festival about a month ago and they play with such passion (and major talent). Their song Broken Open speaks to me (excuse my corniness). I just feel like a lot of this song plays into how my life is turning out. “I have been broken open, this is not my master plan.” blah blah blah… just listen to them and love them.



It’s fall, my favourite season for fashion, food, and the scenery. I’m totally gushing over the red, orange, and yellow trees thrust into the calm, farmy background. And dude, you can see the stars and shit. The beautiful season is definitely easing my transition into my temporary life.



Tuesday’s suck… until now!



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