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MONDAY aka My Only Day Off


What I need to do: 

1. Dust the living rooms because my dad told me to.

2. Sweep, mop, and steam clean the floors because my dad told me to.

3. Vacuum the couches, chairs, and carpets because my dad told me to.

4. Do the laundry because that smell in my hamper told me to.

5. Set up my new laptop because I have had it for a month but I haven’t taken it out of the damn box yet.

6. Sync my iPhone because I am about forty iOS versions behind now.

7. Take down the Christmas tree because it is January 6 already (seriously considering employing this method).


8. Make homemade soup because I am sick and possibly dying.

9. Make dad those fucking DVDs (a slideshow of pictures from my trips to Mexico, Greece, and San Francisco played to classic rock music) because he has been asking for them for several years.

10. Workout because HAHAHAAHHA

What I want to do: 

1. Sleep

2. Eat

3. Drink tea

4. Watch movies

5. Read books

6. Nap

7. Paint my nails

8. Shave my legs (this should probably be under the “need to do” category)

9. Nap again

10. Eat again

11. Barricade myself in my makeshift sauna aka my bathroom with the tub running super hot water and all of the air holes covered with rolled up towels

12. Hibernate until I am no longer sick/working 2 jobs/human



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