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Nobody Likes You When You’re 23

Well kids, it’s official. I’m old. Dying, basically.

I turned 23 last week. To be honest, I want to say all of the generic bull shit that you say on your birthday:

“Oh I don’t feel any older.”

“Oh thanks for all of the birthday wishes.”

“Oh people are the best.”

“Oh birthday people start all of their sentences with ‘oh’.” …

But I’m not gonna (even though that is pretty accurate).

Instead, I just want to sing an excellent song from Blink 182’s (not arguable) best album, Enema of the State.

Yes, people, this is the music I listen to.


Classic Blink is essentially 3 dudes saying a lot of really immature (and hilarious) things while playing instruments. I mean, they have this song, “Family Reunion,” which proves that Tom DeLonge really understands my life. (Also, HUGE LOL when Tom says “That’s art” in the video)

BUT Blink actually mean business and are mega talented and dreamy – I am talking to you Tom <3. I love that they are walking reminders that the world takes itself too seriously (re: “What’s My Age Again?” lyrics, re: every music video/concert/song they have ever performed, re: their lives).

And they’re a reminder to me to not be so serious. I’m at a really cool place in my life. I have a permanent job with a lot of potential for growth at a sweet company. I’m doing okay financially. But I’m 23. ONLY 23. I should have more fun. I should be less serious. I should have people not liking me because I’m ridiculous and 23.

So now here is the part where I actually do say the following:

Oh I don’t feel any older. Except sometimes I do. But that’s just because my body isn’t as slammin’ as it used to be.

Oh thanks for all the birthday wishes. For real, thanks to all my peeps.

Oh people are the best. I actually really do appreciate how much effort people put into buying me a present/card, coming out for my birthday party, bringing the best donuts into work, and even checking their Facebook home page to see who is older today.

Oh birthday people start all of their sentences with ‘oh’. Oh I just made that up.

If you get anything out of this, it should be that I have granted you permission to hate me for the next while. And that my birthday is July 24 so remember that next year, bitches!




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