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Man Crush Monday

I saw some bands play this past weekend. Some of these bands consist of men. I would like to dedicate today to such men.

Yes, that is right… I have rounded up some musical fellas for Man Crush Monday.

Tim McIlrath [Rise Against]

tim mcilrath sb

Tim, Tim, Tim… Oh how I love the intensity of your raspy, screamy voice. I also love that I every time I see you perform, you get hotter and hotter. Never mind that you are married, I love you. I tell you at every show. I crowd-surfed for the first time in my life to your beautiful music. Thank you for being you.

Max Hershenow [Ms Mr]

ms mr

You are definitely gay. Do I care? Nope. Because you can rock a mean cropped tee and dance the shit out of your synthy tunes. What else more would I need?

Alex Turner [Arctic Monkeys]

alex turner sb

I very much enjoy the fact that you dress like a combination of a cowboy and Elvis Presley (your shirt buttoned down to your naval and your huge ass belt buckle say it all). But I still find it oddly sexy. I love that you’re very fucking English and don’t say a lot of words. I also love your music. A lot. Alex, I wanna be yours.

Jack White [it’s Jack fucking White]

Okay, so I was fulling expecting you to come onto the stage looking like this:


But instead, you showed up looking like this:

jack white

I am very pleased. Those suspenders, ugh. Your performance made my life. I will never be the same. All of those times you combed your hair in-between songs, I swooned. I might be able to just watch you comb your hair for the rest of my life. Yeah, I think I’d be okay with that. But then I wouldn’t get to see you majestically shred guitar. And I wouldn’t get to hear you sing your twisted genius lyrics. So I take that back. Also, thank you for covering Led Zeppelin. They are one of my faves.

Yeah, I fan girled hard. So what?



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