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I’m back

From where, you ask?

Nowhere (but I did go to Hawaii for a hot second). And also everywhere.


I’ve been working my worky job.

I’ve been carving out time in my oddly busy schedule for my friends.

I’ve been aiming to be more healthy without actually making any life changes.

I’ve been scheming for bachelorette parties.

I’ve been adorning myself with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle temporary tattoos (with the help of my very accepting, weird and wonderful boyfriend).

I’ve also been obsessed with podcasts. Podcasts are amazing. I had to describe what a podcast was to my boss because he was always asking me what I was listening to under my big white headphones in my office. This made me feel very smart and important and cool and hip. I love podcasts. One of my friends first turned me onto Serial, which is told in way that is gripping and thought-provoking. After binge-listening to both seasons of Serial, I was craving more. A quick scan of iTunes’ Podcast library blew my mind. Podcasts have allowed me to take my love of listening and learning to a whole new level. I can practice my conversational French, listen to reviews of films, learn crazy science, and I can relive my favourite scenes from history. Yes, I am a nerd. Why is this news to you?

As I’m listening to another podcast, Millennial, I asked myself, why don’t I make a podcast? I always have things to say, sometimes too much to say. It seems like a fun, new thing to try out. I’m always looking for fun, new things to try out. It’s creative and I like to be creative. And then that voice in my head shot back, “GIRL, did you forget about your blog?” (that voice in my head can be so real with me) and I thought, “Shiiiiiiit girl, I did.”

So this blog post isn’t going to end up with me advertising my new podcast, “A Girl and Her Adventures with French Fries,” which is definitely what it would be named. No, this blog post is going to end up with me making a promise to myself and to you, reader, that I am getting back into this whole blog thing. If you haven’t noticed, my last post is from last summer. And before that it was the previous fall. Dude, that’s 2014. It feels like lightyears ago. Even then, I was writing because something interesting had happened to me, I had gone to a music festival, I had explored Europe for three weeks. I was not writing because I was pushing myself to think more critically and creatively. Plus, in all honesty, I hate the sound of my voice and I have no idea how to record a podcast so I think my stroke of genius was destined for failure from the beginning. With this blog, I can still say those too many things that I have to say, I can still have fun, I can still be creative, and I can renew my love of writing.

So I’m back. Not from anywhere in particular. Life, maybe. And I’m back to write for you and for me.

Until next time, here is me, my shameful grin, and all 50 TMNT temporary tattoos on my left arm. I should get a sleeve, shouldn’t I?







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#lastnight at the @metric and @julytalk show. pure happiness. ALSO, want to know how July Talk started their set? by acknowledging they were on treaty territory and by explaining what that means and how settlers need to unlearn and relearn our relationships with Indigenous Peoples. 🙌 the audience clapped for that. my heart clapped for that. I am not First Nations, Inuit, or Metis but as someone who is working to be a better ally, I felt the impact of that, more so than a canned 1-sentence land acknowledgment that I receive in a university classroom. to hear that in a public meeting space felt like a shift towards having the right discussions about settler colonialism outside of academia. once I heard that, my respect for July Talk deepened. they’re definitely not doing the most when it comes to understanding Indigenous issues (we could all do better) but they’re doing something with their platform. and they played a rad show. 👍 🦄
last weekend⛷
yesterday was a good day. today is not. here is a squirrel. hope everyone out there is surviving this Monday. #monday
environmental history field trip to Elk Island National Park. this tree was one of three massive uprooted trees we came across. we weren’t sure why or how they were uprooted but the amount of earth that came with this one was impressive. right after this tree, we saw a really cute squirrel. today was a good day. 👍
history class field trip number 2: a walking tour of @oldstrathcona. grateful for being able to learn and practice history in public through my education and hopeful that I can pursue similar approaches in my career 😊 #publichistory #yeg
ascribing aesthetic value to the landscape but I don’t care rn #views #historicalbuildings #ualberta

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