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This again

I feel like I do this a lot. But I am, of course, doing this again.

By this, I mean writing and (hopefully) posting a blog entry. Yes, I have tried this many times. Yes, I have consistently failed at this. Yes, I will probably fail at this attempt. But here’s why I hope I don’t.

The times have changed. 

Sure, my last post was almost two years ago. You didn’t even read it so it’s totally fine. I’m over it. You’re over it. We’re all over it.

P.S. Is blogging even cool anymore?

P.P.S. Do I even care?

I have changed. 

Since my last post, I have matured. Please read that as mah-too-erd and not as mah-churd because I have clearly matured. I figured out some life goals, returned to university (YES INTERNET PEOPLE, THEY LET ME BACK!!!!), and feel a teensy bit smarter. Hopefully my blogging sabbatical and self-reflection will class up my trashy writing style.

My goals for the blog have changed. 

For the most part, I’m still the same old BRANDI, your fave internet pal who is broke, ridiculously awkward, notoriously derailed in short, cracks you up, and overshares her life to a grand following of 6 readers (all me logged in with my 6 different email accounts). However, I intend to incorporate more of my current interests into my posts. So you may see more entries about history, politics, feminism, film, pop culture, podcasts, and anything else I feel is appropriate to discuss on this platform. I am not forcing you to stick around and peep my posts if you aren’t into it. But if you do like what you read, keep on reading! Tell a friend! Heck, tell me! I want to know what you think of the change. I like compliments and I tolerate constructive criticism.

So this post is my courtesy call to you. It is a head’s up that things will be changing. But they’re changes that I’m super excited about and I hope you are too.

Here’s a glimpse of some future topics:

  • Canadian Queer History because June is Pride Month!
  • History of Indigenous Peoples in Canada because June is also National Indigenous History Month!
  • Podcast recommendations
  • Experiences from university and other aspects of my life


Until next time,




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Twitter Updates


#lastnight at the @metric and @julytalk show. pure happiness. ALSO, want to know how July Talk started their set? by acknowledging they were on treaty territory and by explaining what that means and how settlers need to unlearn and relearn our relationships with Indigenous Peoples. 🙌 the audience clapped for that. my heart clapped for that. I am not First Nations, Inuit, or Metis but as someone who is working to be a better ally, I felt the impact of that, more so than a canned 1-sentence land acknowledgment that I receive in a university classroom. to hear that in a public meeting space felt like a shift towards having the right discussions about settler colonialism outside of academia. once I heard that, my respect for July Talk deepened. they’re definitely not doing the most when it comes to understanding Indigenous issues (we could all do better) but they’re doing something with their platform. and they played a rad show. 👍 🦄
last weekend⛷
yesterday was a good day. today is not. here is a squirrel. hope everyone out there is surviving this Monday. #monday
environmental history field trip to Elk Island National Park. this tree was one of three massive uprooted trees we came across. we weren’t sure why or how they were uprooted but the amount of earth that came with this one was impressive. right after this tree, we saw a really cute squirrel. today was a good day. 👍
history class field trip number 2: a walking tour of @oldstrathcona. grateful for being able to learn and practice history in public through my education and hopeful that I can pursue similar approaches in my career 😊 #publichistory #yeg
ascribing aesthetic value to the landscape but I don’t care rn #views #historicalbuildings #ualberta

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