Among being BROKERIDICULOUSLYAWKWARDNOTORIOUSLYDERAILEDINSHORT, I am also famously in love with photography, fashion, books, history, and my cat.

I am nice, I hope.

My ringtone is the Star Wars theme song.

I enjoy knitting, dancing, and vanilla-scented anything.

I make jokes when I’m nervous.

My first post explains why I’ve ended up here.





3 thoughts on “About BRANDI

  1. Hey thanks for the follow! Feel free to share your thoughts anytime. Peace!

    Posted by The Commonzense of Saint James | February 19, 2013, 8:12 pm
  2. B your writing is ridiculous. It’s so well strung and full.

    I’ve always loved you as a sister. But if I’d never met you and only discovered your blog by a happen-chance click-click, I’d want to meet you & know you and know where the HECK you came from, and get around you. Because simply put, you’re something else, Kuebs.

    I believe in you, and I am so excited to keep reading. You are all real, and so good. So. Damn. Good. All love & light, always and allways. Shine on, sister soul.


    Posted by leahthygesen | March 22, 2013, 10:48 pm
    • Latoya girl, you make me smile so hard. I love to write for myself- that’s why I do it- but it makes me so grateful to know that my writing is important and interesting to others… especially YOU! SOMUCHLOVE 🙂

      Posted by brandikueber | March 23, 2013, 12:51 am

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Twitter Updates


#lastnight at the @metric and @julytalk show. pure happiness. ALSO, want to know how July Talk started their set? by acknowledging they were on treaty territory and by explaining what that means and how settlers need to unlearn and relearn our relationships with Indigenous Peoples. 🙌 the audience clapped for that. my heart clapped for that. I am not First Nations, Inuit, or Metis but as someone who is working to be a better ally, I felt the impact of that, more so than a canned 1-sentence land acknowledgment that I receive in a university classroom. to hear that in a public meeting space felt like a shift towards having the right discussions about settler colonialism outside of academia. once I heard that, my respect for July Talk deepened. they’re definitely not doing the most when it comes to understanding Indigenous issues (we could all do better) but they’re doing something with their platform. and they played a rad show. 👍 🦄
last weekend⛷
yesterday was a good day. today is not. here is a squirrel. hope everyone out there is surviving this Monday. #monday
environmental history field trip to Elk Island National Park. this tree was one of three massive uprooted trees we came across. we weren’t sure why or how they were uprooted but the amount of earth that came with this one was impressive. right after this tree, we saw a really cute squirrel. today was a good day. 👍
history class field trip number 2: a walking tour of @oldstrathcona. grateful for being able to learn and practice history in public through my education and hopeful that I can pursue similar approaches in my career 😊 #publichistory #yeg
ascribing aesthetic value to the landscape but I don’t care rn #views #historicalbuildings #ualberta

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