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No, I don’t mean “You Only Live Once” … if that’s what I were going for, I’d say, “Carpe diem” because that’s Latin and I like Latin. You’d never catch me saying “YOLO.” It’s embarrassing. People who say it need to get a life. And please don’t go all over Twitter hashtagging #yoloswag. Just no. … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday

Since the dawn of Instagram, the internet has dubbed this day of the week “Throwback Thursday.” In homage to this day, I thought it’d be fitting to fill out one of those classic email questionnaires that you would forward to every single one of your contacts back in junior high. If you don’t know what … Continue reading

Theme Tuesdays #5

This is kind of late. I was thinking all day (honestly, I was up before noon!!!!) but I wasn’t “inspired” to write about anything. Soooo, in my desperation, I turned to my one true love: TV. Yeah, that’s right. I love TV. I dedicate most of my time to sitting on my ass and watching … Continue reading


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